Easily embed interactive streaming audio on web pages

In the past, I have been frustrated in my efforts to find a decent, simple, way to embed streaming audio clips on web pages.

The best I had been able to find was JW Flash Video Player which I used when building a simple web site for the Program on Freedom and Free Societies at Cornell University.

Today, however, I became aware of an even simpler tool provided by Yahoo!: The Yahoo! Media Player.

All you have to do to use it is to put in plain HTML links to your audio files and add a single extra <script> element:


You can see it in action on the Yahoo! Media Player page as well as on a page at HowtoSayinTurkish.com where I used it.

Post updated on 2011/10/04 with links to the most recent version of player. Also, pointed to a page where I used the most recent version of the player.