Over the past few days, I’ve become aware of two tools I had not heard of before.

Having done network communication the wrong way in various environments ranging from NetBIOS using DOS interrupts to TCP/IP sockets using Java to Winsock, finding ØMQ (zeromq) made me want to write something, anything, the moment I saw it. So far, I have been going through the intro and trying the short example programs (in the time I would normally have been playing Freecell). Amazing.

I am a newcomer to the whole NoSQL scene. In terms of key-value stores, my needs never exceeded what could be solved with using the file system as a database or DBM files (on a completely unrelated note, I just found out that Berkeley DB has its roots in a paper co-authored by a Turk).

However, if my über-secret software project ever sees daylight, I might be able to use redis to provide some extra niceness.

I have only played with redis in a very limited environment. Very nice!