Why is Perl not on every Windows machine -- at least on the "server" versions of the OS?

Is there a good reason for Microsoft not to include a Perl installation with at least the server versions of their operating systems?

It sure would make life easier when dealing with systems controlled by people who’d rather waste developer time and have everyone twiddle their thumbs while waiting for SAS to finish just some basic subsetting. This wasted time ain’t cheap, folks.

Wasted developer time costs money. A lot of it.

I know Microsoft used to have some kind of relationship with ActiveState at some point and they also donated some servers for Perl testing a couple of years back, but I haven’t kept up on this issue.

Is there any way to have convince Microsoft to include Perl with at least the server versions of Windows? If not, is there a way to have some version of Perl be made available via Windows Update? Does anyone care?