OS X upgrade broke my Developer Tools

OK, so I upgraded my MacBook Pro to Mountain Lion last night. I mean, I just ordered a set of screws for it, the least I could do is to give it the latest cat’s meow, right?

After the lengthy and slow installation with a completely counter-intuitive progress bar, I had no make.

Yup, the Mountain Lion installer sees I have XCode, sees I have Developer Tools installed, but does not tell me anything about how it is going to bork my development environment. No link saying “get your updated development tools here!”

No, I have to go look for them myself after being mystified as to what the heck just happened.

I mean, right before I paid to get the equivalent of Windows Update, everything was working perfectly. I don’t understand how people can get all worked up about some third party browser add-on breaking when Firefox is updated, and can remain completely silent when Apple’s own glorified operating system service pack goes ahead and breaks Apple’s own software development environment without giving the user a clue as to what happened and how to fix it.