Help Fund Perl Nerd Merit Badges

brian’s CrowdTilt campaign to make Perl Nerd Merit Badges has entered its final week. Having never done anything related to scouting when I was growing up, the idea of finally having a merit badge of my own has some appeal ;-)

Here is the campaign’s description:

The indoor boy scouts at Nerd Merit Badges can make custom badges for $5 a badge. If I can get 100 people to pony up $8, I’ll get these made and send you one in the post. If you want to donate more than $8, I’ll use the extra to make more to give out at conferences or whatever. I’m not going to keep any of the money. If you want more than one badge, pledge $8xN and also let me know how many you want. I might be able to ship to Perl mongers group representative for much cheaper for local distribution.

We can get this done in time for Christmas. This Christmas.

The candidate design is the raptor, so far, but I might come up with more designs.

I would like to have one for this Christmas. How about you?