YAPC::NA 2012 - CHI: Universal caching for Perl‎

Following Gabor’s lead, I have decided to periodically post links to my favorite YAPC presentations. You should definitely follow Gabor’s PerlTV which probably will be updated far more often than my blog.

CHI is a very useful distribution, building on the foundation of Cache::Cache interface. Its main features are:

  • Ease of creating new drivers
  • Uniform support for namespaces
  • Automatic serialization of keys and values
  • Multilevel caches
  • Probabilistic expiration and busy locks, to reduce cache miss stampedes
  • Optional logging and statistics collection of cache activity

This presentation by Jonathan Swartz at YAPC::NA 2012 explains why you really should consider using CHI instead of any of the numerous caching modules on CPAN.