Firefox seems to be on the way out

I am using the abomination called Firefox 29 right now. It seems Mozilla have decided that being able to see the full title of the web page you are viewing is not important. The title bar of an application should serve a purpose other than just being a placeholder for ugly, bulky tabs.

Do you really have to spend time on this kind of stupidity?

I can get used to all sorts of things … After all, I spent some time on a CICS system back in the 80s. But, I have been recommending Firefox to friends and relatives for a while now, and, frankly, I am tired of trying to explain the new menu organization every few weeks.

Did I mention that the browser is just plain ugly in Mavericks, Windows 8, and XFCE4?

You know, thanks to how Netscape completely destroyed their browser, there was actually a time when Internet Explorer 4 was the best available browser.

Yeah, I do not want to go back to those days either.

Just … so … unbearably … UGLY!