Hey, set up a test machine, why don't ya?!

So, in between other things, I go look at how things are progressing on that VM I am trying to set up.

LWP failed to install. L … W … P. Really?! I meticulously built zlib and nasm from source, then built OpenSSL from source. Then, I issued cpanm LWP::Protocol::https to pull everything in.

LWP cannot run test number one.


Because this seems to hit the bug EUMM attempted to fix:

sub MY::test

test : pure_all

test_hudson : pure_all
 $(FULLPERL) t/TEST $(TEST_VERBOSE) --formatter=TAP::Formatter::JUnit


The rest of Makefile.PL avoids File::Spec->catfile as well. Of course, the code has “worked” for almost two decades now. So, is there a good reason to “fix” it?

No pull request yet. One thing at a time.

Update: On this particular VM, LWP::Protocol::https fails t/apache.t because, I think, either Net::SSLeay or IO::Socket::SSL does not handle SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ properly in non-blocking mode. It does pass the test if it is forced to use Crypt::SSLeay most likely because Net::HTTPS overrides Net::SSL->blocking to be a NOP, and not because I did anything right.

It also does pass the test if I add:

use Net::HTTPS;
local *Net::HTTPS::blocking = sub {}

at the beginning of t/apache.t without needing it to use Crypt::SSLeay.