Linode doesn't disappoint ... again

Yesterday morning, I noticed Linode was now doubling the RAM for all their offerings.

I don’t remember being this excited about a little bit more RAM in a long time. Not even being able to upgrade my MacBook Pro to 16 GB RAM made me as happy as the extra memory my Linode VPS was now going to have.

Couple that with the eight cores, the generous disk space and bandwidth allotment, even for the cheapest plans; couple that with the excellent self-service tools as well as the most responsive support personnel; couple that with the fact that they support Perl and YAPC — … Well, you have a clear winner.

Of course, I had to make a fundamental error in my rush to reboot with fresh memory. Apparently, during the earlier transition to systemd, I never enabled the dhcpcd service. I am not sure why the earlier reboot did not exhibit the symptom, but I have a feeling it has to do with the fact that the migration ended up giving my VPS’ eth0 a new MAC address or something. Long story short: After the migration was over, I could not reach my server: Neither SSH nor HTTP worked.

After a brief panic, I logged on via Lish, did an ip addr, noticed that eth0 was not assigned, started dhcpcd, and all was good again.

Simplicity for the excitable idiot in me. I love it!

If you’re looking for a no fuss virtual server where you are in control, I recommend Linode with no reservations whatsoever (and, if you want to use a link without my referral code, you can visit using this one).

Update 2013/04/16: My praise is on hold for now, see Linode disappoints for more information.

Update 2013/05/28: I decided to stay with Linode after some consideration.